IGNOU Waives Off Tuition Fees for Transgender Students

IGNOU Waives Off Tuition Fees for Transgender Students

On June 2, during a memorial to the university’s founding Vice Chancellor G Ram Reddy, present Vice Chancellor Ravindra Kumar declared that the college could be scrapping tuition fees for transgender people for classes at more than 3,000 research centers and 54 regional centers throughout the nation. It has since been reported that it had been in reaction to a single transgender person’s query to that Kumar made the spontaneous announcement immediately.

Earlier this month, India’s Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) declared that it was scrapping tuition fees for India’s third gender individuals to encourage members of their marginalized community to pursue higher education.

Ever since that time, the college has obtained at least 100 applications from transgender students — many for its Bachelor Preparatory Programme (BPP). The training course is intended to help pupils who have not finished their 10+2 and wished to perform their schooling from IGNOU.

According to Rakesh Sharma, Assistant Registrar at the Vice Chancellor’s office, a high number of transgender students are accepting entry at the Institute this year. It isn’t the first time IGNOU has obtained a path-breaking measure for the transgender community. Before the lawful execution of ‘third gender’ standing by the Supreme Court in 2014, the college was offering the choice of ‘other’ gender category within their entry types since the year 2012.


The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) established following the ex-Prime Minister of India- Late.Smt.Indira Gandhi and is the world’s largest Open University. It was begun in the year 1985 under an act of Parliament with the aim of delivering quality higher education, in a variety of areas, through distance learning to 3 group of students:

– Professional aspiring for additional qualifications.

– Those who cannot access the regular education due to financial and other constraints.

– Those who dwells in remote areas and cannot access the higher education easily.

It’s for reasons like this that there is a real need for associations such as IGNOU to create particular provisions for the transgender community, especially about anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policies, so to be able to encourage the community in their pursuit of higher education and also to stop dropouts.

Up to now, IGNOU was providing free education to sex workers, prison offenders, and weavers. The college was successfully imparting training and education to socially, economically, physically or geographically disadvantaged, along with women, minorities, and prison inmates.