IGNOU Syllabus 2016

IGNOU Syllabus Structure 2015: Check out IGNOU Latest Syllabus Structure for all Courses offered by University. Below, we make a list of all Courses with its syllabus Section link of each Programme so please find your Course from below list and get latest updated Syllabus for studying with your selected programme.

Included Programmes in Syllabus Section:
  • Master Degree
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Post Graduate Programmes
  • Diploma Courses
  • Certificate Courses
  • PhD Doctoral Programmes
IGNOU Master Degree Syllabus:

MTECHTC Syllabus MAEdu Syllabus
EMBAHM Syllabus MBA Syllabus
MEDSEHI Syllabus MBF Syllabus
MTECHTS Syllabus MCom Syllabus
MTECHCS Syllabus MCom (BP – CG) Syllabus
MCF Syllabus MComFT Syllabus
MIT Syllabus MCom(MA-FS) Syllabus
MSCFMRM Syllabus MCA Syllabus
MSCFWT Syllabus MEd Syllabus
MEDSEVI Syllabus MVAP Syllabus
MSCLGAD Syllabus MIPL Syllabus
MSCVMCD Syllabus MLIS Syllabus
MSCCRD Syllabus MPABN Syllabus
MSCT Syllabus MPAHVM Syllabus
MAIT Syllabus MPATA Syllabus
MADE Syllabus MHA Syllabus
MAAPM Syllabus MScDFSM Syllabus
MAEMPM Syllabus MScCFT Syllabus
MAFRM Syllabus MAAN Syllabus
MAGD Syllabus MAAIS Syllabus
MAJMC Syllabus MAPCO Syllabus
MAPD Syllabus MAVESO Syllabus
MAPC Syllabus MBACG Syllabus
MATS Syllabus MBAFM Syllabus
MSW Syllabus MBAHHM Syllabus
MASAS Syllabus MBAHM Syllabus
MEC Syllabus MBAIT Syllabus
MEG Syllabus MBASM Syllabus
MHD Syllabus MBABM Syllabus
MAH Syllabus MBATCM Syllabus
MAPY Syllabus MEDSEMR Syllabus
MPS Syllabus MPHILAU Syllabus
MPA Syllabus MPhil in Economics Syllabus
MARD Syllabus MSBOMM Syllabus
MSO Syllabus MSBio Syllabus
MTM Syllabus MSNN Syllabus
MAAE Syllabus MST Syllabus
MAEDS Syllabus MACS Syllabus
MAGPS Syllabus MScLS Syllabus
MLD Syllabus MTECHAE Syllabus
MASA Syllabus MTESDIS Syllabus
MSc in Chemistry Syllabus  
IGNOU Bachelor Degree Syllabus:

IGNOU Diploma Syllabus:
IGNOU Post Graduate Diploma Syllabus:
PGDEL Syllabus PGDAPP Syllabus
PGDT Syllabus PGDBP Syllabus
PGDPDN Syllabus PGDCC Syllabus
PGDCFT Syllabus PGDDE Syllabus
PGDCJ  Syllabus PGDDHM Syllabus
PGDDM Syllabus PGDET Syllabus
PGDFSDM Syllabus PGDESD Syllabus
PGDEMA Syllabus PGDEDS Syllabus
PGDENLW  Syllabus PGDFM Syllabus
PGDENLWOL Syllabus PGDFCS Syllabus
PGDFMP Syllabus PGDFSQM Syllabus
PGDFT Syllabus PGDENC Syllabus
PGDGPS Syllabus PGDGM Syllabus
PGDHE Syllabus PGDHIVM Syllabus
PGDHAM  Syllabus PGDHRM Syllabus
PGDVSSA Syllabus PGDISHEM Syllabus
PGDIS Syllabus PGDIPR Syllabus
PGDIE Syllabus PGJMC Syllabus
PGDIBO Syllabus PGDLPO Syllabus
PGDNCSO Syllabus PGDLAN Syllabus
PGDNCSCO Syllabus PGDIM Syllabus
PGDPD Syllabus PGDMM Syllabus
PGDPPED Syllabus PGDMCH  Syllabus
PGDRP Syllabus PGDOM Syllabus
PGDRBI Syllabus PGDMRR Syllabus
PGDSIC Syllabus PGDPSM Syllabus
PGDTCD  Syllabus PGDPM Syllabus
PGDTAC  Syllabus PGDRPP Syllabus
PGDWGS Syllabus PGDRD Syllabus
PGDPSC  Syllabus PGDSLM Syllabus
PGPDSEHI Syllabus PGDSO Syllabus
PGPDSEMR Syllabus PGDSW Syllabus
PGPDSEVI Syllabus PGDSWT Syllabus
PGDAE Syllabus PGDTRM Syllabus
PGDAC Syllabus PGDACP Syllabus
IGNOU Post Gradaute Certificate Syllabus:
IGNOU Certificate Syllabus:
CNIC Syllabus CLGM Syllabus
CAHC Syllabus CELL Syllabus
CAHT  Syllabus CMCHC Syllabus
CAL Syllabus CMCHN Syllabus
CAY Syllabus CNIN Syllabus
CIB Syllabus CNM Syllabus
CBS Syllabus CNCC Syllabus
CCLBL Syllabus COF Syllabus
CCITSK Syllabus CPABN Syllabus
CCR Syllabus CPAHM Syllabus
CCEANM/FHW Syllabus CPAKM Syllabus
CCP Syllabus CPAKT Syllabus
CCMA Syllabus CPATHA Syllabus
CDCW Syllabus CPL Syllabus
CDM Syllabus CPF Syllabus
CDO Syllabus CRHT  Syllabus
CESEMR Syllabus CRUL Syllabus
CESECP Syllabus CIS Syllabus
CESEHI Syllabus Certificate in Sericulture Syllabus
CESEVI Syllabus CSLF Syllabus
CECSMRVIHI Syllabus CSUC Syllabus
CETE Syllabus CSUS Syllabus
CETM Syllabus CSWCJS Syllabus
CIE Syllabus CSL Syllabus
CES Syllabus CTE Syllabus
CFBO Syllabus CTVM Syllabus
CFN Syllabus CTS Syllabus
CFS Syllabus CTMAP Syllabus
CFL Syllabus CUL Syllabus
CFO Syllabus CVAA Syllabus
CGL Syllabus CVAP Syllabus
CIG Syllabus CVAS Syllabus
CHP Syllabus CWHM Syllabus
CHCWM Syllabus CCPD Syllabus
CAFE Syllabus CDFM Syllabus
CHBHC Syllabus CFE Syllabus
CHAA Syllabus CJL Syllabus
CHO Syllabus CPLT Syllabus
CHR Syllabus CRD Syllabus
CIAP Syllabus CPVE Syllabus
CIT Syllabus CTPM Syllabus
CIHL Syllabus ACISE Syllabus
CPISAS Syllabus ACPDM Syllabus
CJD Syllabus
IGNOU PhD Doctoral Syllabus:
IGNOU Other Courses:

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