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IGNOU Study Materials/Books 2016 – After getting admitted in IGNOU University, the first requirement of students is to get Study Materials from us so here we happy to provide you a latest edition of each and every courses material which is also called Books. University Campus also provides this Material but you have to spend some money from it. On IGNOUTime you can get it Free of cost.
If you want to know the details about procedure of download study material from us so you can explore our article “How to download IGNOU Study Material/Books”.
There are 400+ programmes offered by IGNOU University across India and also in foreign countries so it easy to says that the demand for Study Materials also increase so start download by select your courses from below list and start preparation of your upcoming examination which will start soon.
Find your Books or Study Materials now:

Currently we have uploaded 50+ programmes available for download all material at one time.

New Edition: Latest..

ACE Study Material (Download)
BCA Study Material (Download)
BTCM Study Material (Download)
MARD Study Material (Download)
MA Education Study Material (Download)
B.Sc Study Material (Download)
BAPC Study Material(Download)

IGNOU Master Degree Study Material List 2016:

M.Com Study Material (Download)
MCA Study Material (Download)
MACS Study Material (Download)
MEC Study Material (Download)
MAEDS Study Material (Download)
MEG Study Material (Download)
MAGD Study Material (Download)
MPA Study Material (Download)
MAGPS Study Material (Download)
MPS Study Material (Download)
MAH Study Material (Download)
MSW Study Material (Download)
MAPY Study Material (Download)
MAPC Study Material (Download)
MBA Study Material (Download)
MTM Study Material (Download)

IGNOU Bachelor Degree Study Material List 2016:

B.Ed Study Material (Download)
BPP Study Material (Download)
BA in Philosophy Study Material (Download)
BSCHOT Study Material (Download)
B.A. Study Material (Download)
BScN Study Material (Download)
BBA Study Material (Download)
BSW Study Material (Download)
BLIS Study Material (Download)
B.Com Study Material (Download)
IGNOU Post Graduate Study Material List 2016:
PGCCL Study Material (Download)
PGDHHM Study Material (Download)
PGCE Study Material (Download)
PGDIBO Study Material (Download)
PGCWT Study Material (Download)
PGDIPR Study Material (Download)
PGDAPP Study Material (Download)
PGDLAN Study Material (Download)
PGDCC Study Material (Download)
PGDMRR Study Material (Download)
PGDESD Study Material (Download)
PGDPM Study Material (Download)
PGDFSQM Study Material (Download)
PGDRD Study Material (Download)
PGDGM Study Material (Download)
PGDRP Study Material (Download)
IGNOU Diploma Courses Study Material List 2016:
DCE Study Material (Download)
DMT Study Material (Download)
DNA Study Material (Download)
DCLE Study Material (Download)
DNS Study Material (Download)
DDT Study Material (Download)
DVACPO Study Material (Download)
DELED Study Material (Download)
DVAPFV Study Material (Download)

IGNOU Certificate Courses Study Material List 2016:

CFN Study Material (Download)
COF Study Material (Download)
CFS Study Material (Download)
CPE Study Material (Download)
CHCWM Study Material (Download)
CRD Study Material (Download)
CIT Study Material (Download)
ACPDM Study Material (Download)

If you want more Study Material or your course material is not available on above list so please wait some time because we are working to provide all courses materials/books at one place.

Now we have availability of some books so “”If candidate want study material urgent so they can contact us by write their comment and we will upload it in 48 Hours if it available””.
Updated: February 28, 2016 — 10:37 am


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  1. Sir i need AHE01 book

  2. hi

    I want download Ms 57 and 58 please upload all subject MBA

  3. please upload the study material for post graduate diploma in applied statistics

  4. Sir please upload study material of mapy (MA Philosophy) 1st year in hindi….

  5. please upload all blocks of social work both bachelor & master level, required urgently.

  6. sir i need ms 56 material management books. kindly help

  7. Kindly update study material of pgdema


  9. sir please upload msw 010 study material.. it is not available in my study center.

  10. sadam hussain pandow

    update the study material of journalism and mass communication

  11. Please upload DWED course material esp.BWEE 005 in English urgently

  12. I request you to kindly share the study materials for the BA history subjects that is EHI 1 & EHI 2(English)

  13. Sir, can you please upload MPA study material in Hindi. Thanks

  14. Please upload geography study material bachelors n masters level…………….thanx

  15. please upload for D.El.Ed 2nd year

  16. Dear Sir

    Kindly upload study material of BPOI 06 and BPOI 07 of Certificate in Communication and IT skills.(CCITSK) as soon as possible.

  17. hi,
    I have downloaded MS-94 but it needs a password to combine different blocks. Can anyone help me here.
    br, Mirza

  18. Please upload the study material for PGDEMA and Assignment also for July 2016 exam candidates

    Thanking you

  19. please sir, mpa study mateial upload in hindi medium and i have needed of mpa016 becoz i have to submitted assignments…

  20. Sir,

    I have opted for the PGDEMA Course.

    I need book/booklet for the Project Work subject. Subject Code is: MESP-049.

    I would appreciate quick response in this regards.

  21. Sir,
    Please upload diploma in creative writing English – only DCE6 PROJECT GUIDE STUDY MATERIAL at the earlist.

  22. MpYE 0014 Philosphy of mind

  23. Sir,
    Please upload B.Sc. Physics material PHE 01-15 in English medium

  24. R/Sir,
    Please provide study material of DCCN (Diploa in Critical care Nursing). Thanks

    Manoj Sharma

  25. DEar sir
    kindly upload study material and assignment(solved) of
    BRDE101/ ERD01

    Rural development-Indian Context

  26. please upload bca study material for revised syllabus 2015

  27. please upload BPP programme hindi study material

  28. please upload CTE study material all

  29. I would like to refer some course material on M.LIS

  30. BAPC corse material epistemelogy block is replaced by microbiology or something………..please look into the matter sir.
    thank u

  31. please upload bsc lifescience study material all please help me

  32. please upload the material of che-1 (B.Sc Course). exams are nearing and its very urgent,please upload at the earliest.

  33. please upload the material of pgdema course code 046…..itz very urgent….
    thanks .


  35. Hi
    Can you provide me link of the MEG 1,2,3,4 course for the first year

  36. Want to download books in english of following subjects-ES-334,ES-335,ES-362,BESE-065&BESE-066. PLS. UPLOAD THESE books urgently i have to prepare for dec 2014 exams for b.ed. waiting for ur fast action.

  37. Dear Sir,plzzzz provide me BHY-011(understanding international tourists-profile and market) as fast as possible. Plzzz sir my exams are commincing on 4th December.Sir plzzz provide me the soft copy of that book…plzzzzz sir soon….

  38. plese upload the BSW 1st year study materials.



    SUBJECT MRD101, MRD102, MRD103, RDD6, RDD5

  41. please upload ignou hindi literature notes…including hindi bhasha…

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