IGNOU Study Center in Ahmedabad

Welcome to search your nearest Study Center in Ahmedabad and find which is convenient to you for your study with IGNOU University. So here you can find our collected Centers in Ahmedabad with all information so explore now.

We have uploaded many of nearest Centers in Ahmedabad Region so you can find from below address and visit to your nearest Center for any query or inquiry.

Name of Study Center:  Anjuman-E-Talime-IDARA

Full Address:  Anjuman-E-Talime-Idara,Court Road,Opposite Treasury

Code: 913

Contact No: +91-2642-260082 ,242662

Programme Offered:  MEG , MBA , CIG , BA (Eng) , BPP , CDM , CES , CTPM , MCA , BTS , BCA , PGDRD , DECE , DNHE , CFN , CNCC , CTS , DTS , CIT

There are many Centers available in Ahmedabad State so please find above Centers for any guidance or help from IGNOU.

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