IGNOU PGDVSSA Syllabus Structure

IGNOU PGDVSSA Syllabus Structure – Get Latest updated IGNOU PGDVSSA – Post Graduate Diploma in Indian Studies – Vedic Studies in the Light of Sri Aurobindo Syllabus Structure of and start preparation of your upcoming Exam for getting good marks. IGNOU PGDVSSA Syllabus Structure is available in one Table for easily understood. IGNOU University has Provide syllabus for PGDVSSA by its Credit, Course Code and Course Name so please check out your Syllabus below.
Syllabus make easy to study with your selected Programme and benefit into get good grades in IGNOU University. You can get all important Materials like PGDVSSA Assignments, Papers, Books, Notes and more by below subject list.
IGNOU PGDVSSA Syllabus Structure:

CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 MAISI-002  An introduction to Shruti Literature & the Vedic Symbolism in the light of Sri Aurobindo 6
 MAISI-012  Aitareya & Taittriya Upanishads 6
 MAISL- 004  Research Practicum in An Introduction to the Vedas 4
 MAISI-017  Introduction to the Vedic Paradigm of Knowledge: Myth of the Rising Sun 6
 MAISI-025  Vedic to Post-Vedic Epistemologies 6
 MAISI-026  Analysis of Sanskrit Language 6
 MAISL-027  Research in Sanskrit 4
  MAISI-003  The Vedic Myths of Creation and the Concept of Sacrifice 6
 MAISL- 004  Research Practicum in An Introduction to the Vedas 4
  MAISI-011  Isha & Kena Upanishads 6
  MAISI-018  The Study of the Hymns to Surya-Savitri in the Rig Veda in the light of Sri Aurobindo 6
 MAISL -019  Research Practicum in Hymns to the Rising Sun 4

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