IGNOU PGDIPR Study Material

IGNOU PGDIPR Study Material – Download Free PGDIPR – Post-Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Study Material of IGNOU University without any payment. For getting good marks in your upcoming exam of PGDIPR course so you have to good prepare PGDIPR subject. 

IGNOU Centers provides this IGNOU Study Material but you have to pay at least Rs.500 or more for each subject for PGDIPR Programme but on IGNOUTime web you can download it any time or anywhere without any payment so save this IGNOU PGDIPR material on your laptop or desktop for preparation for your exam and get good grades.
Download IGNOU PGDIPR Material:
MIP-001 General Overview of Intellectual Property  
Unit-01 Intellectual Property Rights: Concepts And Forms Download
Unit-02 Role Of Intellectual Property In Growth And Development Download
Unit-03 Protecting Intellectual Property Download
Unit-04 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) And World Trade Organization (WTO) Download
MIP-002 Industrial Property: Patents, Industrial Designs, Integrated Circuits and Plant Varieties  
Unit-01 Patents, Paris Convention Download
Unit-02 International Patent System Download
Unit-03 Trips, Designs Download
Unit-04 Plant Varieties And Biotechnology Download
MIP-003 Industrial Property: Trademarks, Geographical Indicators, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition  
Unit-01 Trademarks Download
Unit-02 International Treaties Affecting Trademarks  Download
Unit-03 Geographical Indications, Trade Secrets And Unfair Competition Download
MIP-004 Copyrights and Related Rights  
Unit-01 Copyright: An Introduction Download
Unit-02 International Conventions Download
Unit-03 International Conventions On Related Rights Download
Unit-04 Impact Of New Technology Download
MIP-005 Protection of Industrial Property at the National Level  
Unit-01 Patent Protection In India Download
Unit-02 Protection Of Designs And Trademarks In India Download
Unit-03 Protection Of Other Industrial Property Download
Unit-04 Operational Aspects Of Protecting Ip In India Download
MIP-006 Protection of Copyright and Related Rights at the National Level  
Unit-01 Protection Of Copyright In India Download
Unit-02 The Copyright Act, 1957 Download
Unit-03 Collective Management Of Copyright And Related Rights In India Download
Unit-04 Administration Of Copyright And Related Rights In India Download
MIP-007 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights  
Unit-01 Overview Of Ipr Enforcement Download
Unit-02 Trips Agreements And Enforcement Download
Unit-03 IPR Litigation And Settlement Of Disputes Download
MIP-008 Contemporary Intellectual Property Issues  
Unit-01 IP In Cyber World Download
Unit-02 Technology Advances And IPR Download
Unit-03 IP Issues In Developing Countries Download
Unit-04 Economic Issues In IPR Download

How to Download PGDIPR Material ?
IGNOUTime has made simple to download study material of PGDIPR. You have to click on each subject link so you go to the section of your selected topic. In each you can see block wise unit with its name so you have to click on unit for download each unit. To continue downloading and make folder of each subject.

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