IGNOU MTM Assignments January-July 2015

IGNOU MTM Assignments January-July 2015 – Download now IGNOU MTM – Master of Arts (Tourism Management) Previous and Latest session Assignments January 2015 of all its subjects. You can download MTM Assignments January 2015 on your Desktop or Laptop also High Tech Devices (Mobile, Tablet etc) without any cost so you not required to pay any fees for this.

MTM New and Latest Edition of Current Session Assignments January 2015 so click on below link to Download:

Included Subjects in MTM 1st Year
MTM-1 Management Functions And Behaviour In Tourism 2015
MTM-2 Human Resource Planning And Development In Tourism 2015
MTM-3 Managing Personnel In Tourism 2015
MTM-4 Information Management Systems And Tourism 2015
MTM-5 Accounting And Finance For Managers In Tourism 2015
MTM-6 Marketing For Tourism Managers 2015
MTM-7 Managing Sales And Promotion In Tourism 2015
MTM-8 Managing Entrepreneurship And Small Business 2015
TS-1 Foundation Course In Tourism 2015
TS-2 Tourism Development: Products, Operations And Case Studies 2015
TS-3 Management In Tourism 2015
TS-6 Tourism Marketing 2015
Included Subjects in MTM 2nd Year
MTM-9 Understanding Tourism Markets 2015
MTM-10 Tourism Impacts 2015
MTM-11 Tourism Planning And Development 2015
MTM-12 Tourism Products: Design And Development 2015
MTM-13 Tourism Operations 2015
MTM-14 Tourist Transport Management 2015
MTM-15 Meetings, Incentives, Conferences And Expositions 2015

“The Last Date of submitting MTM assignment to Study Center is A) 31st March 2015 for 1st Semester and 30th September 2015 for 2ndSemester for January 2015 session, B) 30th September 2015 for 1stSemester and 31st March 2016 for 2nd Semester for July 2015 session.

If any Assignment of any MTM subject is not included in this section so please contact us by writing your comment on this section and get fast reply by us and also we upload your needed MTM assignment on this section.

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