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IGNOU MAPY Study Material – Download Free MAPY – Master of Arts (Philosophy) Study Material of IGNOU University without any payment. For getting good marks in your upcoming exam of MAPY course so you have to good prepare MAPY subject.
IGNOU Centers provides this IGNOU Study Material but you have to pay at least Rs.500 or more for each subject for MAPY Programme but on IGNOUTime web you can download it any time or anywhere without any payment so save this IGNOU MAPY material on your laptop or desktop for preparation for your exam and get good grades.
Download IGNOU MAPY Material:
MPYE-01 Logic
Block-01 Classical Logic Download
Block-02 Sentential Logic 1: Introduction Download
Block-03 Sentential Logic 2: Proving Validity Download
Block-04 Predicate Logic Download
MPYE-02 Ethics
Block-01 Introduction to Ethics Download
Block-02 Ethical Foundations Download
Block-03 Applied Ethics Download
Block-04 Current Ethical Debates Download
MPYE-03 Epistemology
Block-01 Introduction Download
Block-02 Justification of Knowledge Download
Block-03 Hermeneutics Download
Block-04 Post-Hermeneutic Epistemology Download
MPYE-04 Philosophy of Human Person
Block-01 General Introduction Download
Block-02 Human Existence and Freedom Download
Block-03 Human Relationality Download
Block-04 Human Destiny Download
MPYE-05 World Religions
Block-01 Jainism and Buddhism Download
Block-02 Hinduism and Sikhism Download
Block-03 Judaism and Christianity Download
Block-04 Islam and Other Religions Download
MPYE-06 Dalit Philosophy
Block-01 Historico-Social Basis of Dalit Philosophy Download
Block-02 Religious Philosophy of Dalits Download
Block-03 Philosophy as World-View and Outlook Download
Block-04 Dalit Philosophers of India Download
MPYE-07 Research Methodology in Philosophy
Block-01 Basics of Research in Philosophy Download
Block-02 Earlier Methods in Philosophy Download
Block-03 Recent Methods in Philosophy Download
Block-04 Methodology of Preparing Research Paper Download
MPYE-08 Metaphysics
Block-01 Introduction to Metaphysics Download
Block-02 Structure of Finite Being Download
Block-03 Relation of Being and Beings Download
Block-04 Notion of Being Download
MPYE-09 Philosophy of Science an Cosmology
Block-01 Introduction Download
Block-02 Schools of Contemporary Philosophy of Science Download
Block-03 Contemporary Cosmological Theories Download
Block-04 Special Issues in Contemporary Philosophy of Science and Cosmology Download
MPYE-10 Philosophy of Religion
Block-01 Introduction to Philosophy of Religion Download
Block-02 Foundations of Religion Download
Block-03 Atheism / A-theism Download
Block-04 Theism Download
MPYE-11 Philosophy of Arts (Aesthetics)
Block-01 Introduction Download
Block-02 Indian Aesthetics Download
Block-03 Western Aesthetics Download
Block-04 Aesthetics – Its Application Download
MPYE-12 Tribal Philosophy
Block-01 Historico-Social Basis of Tribal Philosophy Download
Block-02 Philosophy as World-View and Outlook Download
Block-03 Political and Economic Philosophy Download
Block-04 Religious Philosophy Download
MPYE-13 Philosophy of Technology
Block-01 Reality: Chaos Theory and Nanotechnology Download
Block-02 Life: Genetics and Human Genome Project Download
Block-03 Consciousness: Artificial Intelligence and Neurotheology Download
Block-04 Death and Physical Immortality Download
MPYE-15 Gandhian Philosophy
Block-01 Introduction to Gandhian Philosophy Download
Block-02 Gandhian Philosophy of Religion Download
Block-03 Gandhian Socio-Political Philosophy Download
Block-04 Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy Download
MPYE-16 Aurobindo Philosophy
Block-01 Introduction to Philosophy of Aurobindo Download
Block-02 Integral Vision of Reality Download
Block-03 Aurobindo’s Philosophy of Human Being Download
Block-04 Significance of Aurobindo’s Philosophy Download
How to Download MAPY Material ?

IGNOUTime has made simple to download study material of MAPY. You have to click on each subject link so you go to the section of your selected topic. In each you can see block wise unit with its name so you have to click on unit for download each unit. To continue downloading and make folder of each subject click on each link.

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