IGNOU MAEdu Syllabus Structure

IGNOU MAEdu Syllabus Structure – Get Latest updated IGNOU MAEdu – Master of Arts(Education) Syllabus Structure of and start preparation of your upcoming Exam for getting good marks. IGNOU MAEdu Syllabus Structure is available in one Table for easily understood. IGNOU University has Provide syllabus for MAEdu by its Credit, Course Code and Course Name so please check out your Syllabus below.
Syllabus make easy to study with your selected Programme and benefit into get good grades in IGNOU University. You can get all important Materials like MAEdu Assignments, Papers, Books, Notes and more by below subject list.
IGNOU MAEdu Syllabus Structure:

First Month
CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 MES-016  Educational Research 6
 MES-011  Understanding Education 4
 MES-012  Education: Nature and Purposes 6
 MES-013  Learning, Learner and Development 6
 MES-014  Societal Context of Education 6
 MES-015  Operational Dimensions of Education 6
Second Month
CourseCode     Course Name Credits 
 MES-101  Higher Education: Its context and Linkages 6
 MES-102  Instruction in Higher Education 6
 MES-103  Higher Education: The Psycho-social Context 6
 MES-104  Planning and Management of Higher Education 6
 MES-031  ET-An overview 6
 MES-032  Communication and information Technology 6
 MES-033  Computer Technology 6
 MES-034  Designing Courseware 6
 MESP-001  Dissertation 10
 MES-111  Growth and Philosophy of Distance Education 4
 MES-112  Design and Development of Self-Learning Print Materials 4
 MES-113  Learner Support Services 4
 MES-114  Management of Distance Education 6
 MES-115  Communication Technology for Distance Education 6
 MES-041  Growth and Development of Educational Management 6
 MES-042  Dimensions of Educational Management 6
 MES-043  Organisational Behaviour 6
 MES-044  Institutional Management 6

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