How to Score good marks in IGNOU MCA ?

IGNOU University Examination session is started now and each candidates of MCA (Master of Computer Application) are worried about How to get good marks and grade in IGNOU MCA Examination. So here we explain bout to teach candidates for help them to get some additional scores by tips.

We all know about IGNOU University that it is international university so university try to make lengthy and tough paper in some circumstance for examine of candidate’s skill and memorize power. That’s whyIGNOU University expands in all countries of world.

University provides good study materials to all IGNOU MCA Students for help into preparation of Examination but it was very difficult to read all study materials of MCA in a few times so students can get help from IGNOU Previous session exam question papers for good preparation of exam.

Past papers are very useful to know about paper style and know the structure about papers. Read some question papers with answer of past year for getting ideas about questions in upcoming exam paper and there are possibilities that past year exam question papers will be asked in upcoming examination which we seen many times.

Read Question proper and first try to solve yourself then make a point of answer by writing on note book. After no point you have get help of IGNOU Study Materials and compare your answer to material answer which help you to decide how your question right and what are the mistakes in your answer.

You can also write examples for answer which also increase your answer length and you get additional marks in question. Try to expand your answer by giving example one or more and explain it in brief so your answer may be get full marks and help into score good marks in IGNOU MCA Examination.

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